Scallion Pancake with Egg and Pork Floss Recipes

Fixings (7) 

6 tablespoons in addition to 1 teaspoon medium-gluten flour (90 grams)

2 1/2 teaspoons sesame oil (12 grams)

1 teaspoon hacked scallions (5 grams)

1 egg

pork rousong to taste

unbiased oil, similar to canola, vegetable oil, or shelled nut oil, as required

discretionary: hoisin, tart soy plunging sauce, Sriracha, and so on for serving

New York City's Yaso Tangbao is known principally for brilliant soup dumplings, however there are heaps of other Shanghainese road sustenance treats on the menu, similar to these straightforward yet fulfilling scallion flapjacks. You'll simply need to get a couple unique fixings, either from a neighborhood Asian market or on the web: medium gluten flour (which might be named Asian universally handy flour; a typical brand to search for is Sunshine), and pork sung (otherwise called pork floss or rousong, among different names), fleecy dried destroyed pork that includes substantial flavor and ethereal surface to bunches of dishes.

Here, the flour is blended with sesame oil and scallions to frame a simple player, immediately cooked in hot oil to a crepe-like consistency, and moved up around the pork floss and a seared egg; make the yolk as runny—or not—as you like it, or even scramble the egg. In the event that you have a gram scale, you can definitely weigh out your fixings, yet the standard estimations given should function admirably. What's more, right away, you'll have a ludicrously basic, quick, and flavorful breakfast or tidbit! Twofold, triple, or generally increment the fixing adds up to make numerous hotcakes. In the event that you don't eat pork, you can attempt this with angle floss rather (it's much surprisingly tasty).

Have a go at serving these with any sauce you like: hoisin, Tangy Soy Dipping Sauce, Chile Garlic Sauce, or Sriracha. What's more, in case you're searching for more approaches to utilize that monster tub of pork floss, attempt it on our Ginger Chicken Jook (Rice Porridge) formula, and our Basic Asian Broiled Tofu formula.


1Mix the medium-gluten flour, sesame oil, and slashed scallions together to shape a hitter, at that point frame into a solitary flapjack with your hands.

2Heat a skillet over medium-high warmth, add enough oil to coat the base of the container, enable oil to warm up for an additional 30 seconds or thereabouts, at that point include the flapjack and cook around 1 minute on each side. Evacuate to a plate.

3Fry the egg in the hot dish, at that point put over the flapjack and sprinkle with pork rousong to taste. Move up the flapjack and eat!
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