Oven-Roasted Chestnuts Recipes

Fixings (2)

1 pound chestnuts (around 3 mugs)

1/2 glass water

Cooked chestnuts are the ideal winter nibble. They're low in fat and calories, and they're loaded with fiber, calcium, and vitamin C. However peeling chestnuts is a task. This procedure defeats that: First you steam the chestnuts in a thwart pocket to open the shells and separate the skin from the tissue, at that point you broil. For an elective chestnut broiling strategy, look at our skillet simmered chestnut formula.

Since chestnuts are exceptionally perishable, they should be eaten not long after pur

pursuing them, and they ought to be put away in a breathable pack in the fridge.

This formula was included as a major aspect of our Winter Ingredients photograph display.


1Heat the broiler to 475°F.

2Using a sharp blade, cut a "X" around 1 inch long through the shell on the level side of every chestnut. Apportion around 2 feet of aluminum thwart and set it over a preparing sheet. Place the chestnuts amidst the thwart in a solitary layer. Bring the shorter sides of the thwart up so they kiss. Crease the more extended sides over to make a seal. Leave a 1-inch gap at the best to make a vent.

3Pour the water into the vent and cook the thwart pocket in the stove for 5 minutes. Lower the broiler temperature to 375°F, precisely pull the thwart down the distance to uncover the chestnuts, and keep on cooking until delicate, around 25 minutes more. Peel when sufficiently cool to deal with.
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