Malaysian Potato Casserole Recipes

Fixings (9) 

1/2 pounds red potatoes, washed and peeled 

1/2 little yellow onion, peeled and slashed 

1 tomato, slashed 

1 glass sambal oelek bean stew glue, or 6 new red jalapeños 

6 tablespoons shelled nut oil or coconut oil 

1/2 glass coconut cream 

1/4 glass water 

1 tablespoon angle sauce, or to taste 

4 tablespoons palm sugar 

This Malaysian Potato Casserole from Christina Arokiasamy's cookbook is brimming with season from a rich sambal made of onions, tomato, ground chiles, angle sauce, and palm sugar (a foul darker sugar otherwise called jaggery). Coconut cream, thicker and wealthier than coconut drain, adds a tasty surface to the flavorful sweet and zesty sauce, which coats each piece of potato — however regardless you'll need to lick the last bits from the skillet. 

Make a simple supper by serving these potatoes with our Basic Whole Roasted Chicken formula, and our Late-Night Green Beans formula. 


1Cook potatoes in some water in a pot over medium high warmth until the point when the potatoes are fork delicate. Deplete and permit to sufficiently cool to deal with. Cut into quarters and put aside. 

2While the potatoes are cooking, set up the zest glue by granulating the onion, tomato, and sambal oelek or red jalapeños in a nourishment processor until exceptionally smooth, including a little water if necessary to keep the cutting edges moving. Put aside. 

3Heat the shelled nut or coconut oil in a skillet over medium warmth. Include the ground zest glue and enable it to cook, mixing every now and again, for 10 minutes, until the point when the oil isolates and ascends to the surface. Include the coconut cream, water, angle sauce, and palm sugar. Blend, and cook for an additional 10 minutes, until the point that the oil isolates and ascends to the surface once more; the partition demonstrates the zest blend (sambal) is cooked. Taste and include more palm sugar for sweetness or fish sauce for saltiness as wanted. 

4Add the potatoes to the skillet, and blend delicately to coat with the sambal. Cook the potatoes in the sambal for 10 minutes, or until the point that the sauce has thickened. Then again, preheat the broiler to 350 degrees. Place the cooked potatoes in a goulash dish and best equitably with the cooked flavor glue, at that point heat for around 25 minutes. Kill the warmth. Deliberately expel the meal from the broiler and serve warm.
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