Hangtown Fry Recipes

Fixings (10) 

6 to 8 new shellfish, shucked

4 cuts thick-cut bacon, cut into thick lardons

6 extensive eggs

1/4 container flour

1/4 container cornmeal

genuine salt

crisply ground dark pepper

squeeze cayenne pepper (discretionary)

unsalted spread, if necessary

new parsley for embellish (discretionary)

Hangtown Fry is a breakfast for shellfish sweethearts—the delicious bivalves are gently seared, at that point blended with eggs and fresh bacon. The dish goes back to the 1850s and is asserted to have been created when a recently flush California Gold Rush mineworker requested the most costly breakfast he could get, and others went with the same pattern. This occurred in Placerville, California, which was called Hangtown at the time (for accurately the reasons you may envision). Another fanciful cause story says the dish was the last feast asked for by a man soon to meet the noose in Hangtown. Wherever it originated from, it's still around today in different structures, and can be appreciated at home or in places like San Francisco's Tadich Grill.

Since there are so couple of fixings, they should all be of the most noteworthy quality you can acquire, particularly the bacon and shellfish.

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Note: When broiling the clams, ensure the fat in your skillet is extremely hot before including them, or else the covering will adhere to the container. The completed dish will at present taste great, yet you'll lose some freshness.

Varieties: If you favor an all the more coarsely finished covering, you can utilize all cornmeal, dry breadcrumbs, or even panko to coat the shellfish. While we've made a genuinely hard scramble (i.e. the eggs are more firm and fleecy than velvety), you can cook them anyway you favor. Numerous renditions of this dish are more similar to omelets, and will have you empty the eggs into the skillet with the shellfish when they're seared so they wind up inserted in the eggs; in the event that you need to take after that technique, blend the cooked and depleted bacon into the eggs just before pouring them in around the clams, or disperse it uniformly to finish everything.


1In a little shallow bowl or pie plate, blend flour and cornmeal (or covering of your decision) with somewhat legitimate salt and dark pepper to taste, in addition to a squeeze of cayenne if utilizing. Put aside.

2In a medium bowl, beat eggs with somewhat salt and pepper just until joined.

3Dip shellfish one by one in egg blend, giving each a shake and giving overabundance egg a chance to trickle again into bowl, before digging in covering so all sides are secured. Put aside on a little plate. When all clams are covered, put plate in icebox while you cook the bacon. This gives the covering time to better follow and guarantees the clams are chilled, which will make broiling them simpler.

4Heat a cast press skillet over medium-high warmth for a moment or two, at that point include bacon. Cook, blending periodically, until the point that the fat is rendered and the bacon is brilliant darker and fresh. Expel with an opened spatula or spoon to paper towels to deplete, however leave the fat in the container. On the off chance that there isn't much fat in the container, include a tablespoon or a greater amount of margarine as required, and let soften.

5When the fat in the dish is hot and daintily gurgling (vital, since if it's not sufficiently hot, the covering will adhere to the container and tumble off), put the shellfish in the skillet and sear for around 3 minutes on each side, or until the point when covering is brilliant dark colored and clams are simply cooked through. Expel to paper towels to deplete.

6Drain off a portion of the fat in the skillet on the off chance that you lean toward, and if there are any bits of breading left in the dish, rub them up and dispose of them. Turn the warmth down to medium-low and pour in the eggs. Scramble or make into an omelet, as you favor. At the point when the eggs are simply set, include the bacon and clams back to the dish and permit to warm up for a moment. Gently overlap them into the fried eggs, or if influencing an omelet, to crease it over the bacon and shellfish. Serve promptly, embellished with parsley if wanted.
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