Easy Rice Pudding Recipes

Fixings (6) 

1 quart entire drain

1 container short-grain or long-grain white rice

6 tablespoons granulated sugar, in addition to additional as required

Squeeze salt

1/4 teaspoon vanilla or almond remove

Fixings, for example, cleaved nuts, dried or new natural product, cinnamon, or nutmeg (discretionary)

Is rice pudding the best solace treat ever? This formula is persuading enough—it's basic and fulfilling, and meets up in under 30 minutes. Everything you do is join drain, crude rice, sugar, and a squeeze of salt in a pot and stew for around 20 minutes. Blend in a touch of vanilla or almond concentrate and blast, you're finished. You can fill in as seems to be, or dress it up with frill of your decision: nuts, a dash of cinnamon, dried or new organic product—the sky (and the assets of your wash room) is the cutoff. See our How to Make Pudding video for more motivation.

For additional, look at our Slow Cooker Rice Pudding, Champorado (Filipino Chocolate Rice Pudding), and Creamy Rice Pudding with Boiled Plums.


1Place the drain, rice, sugar, and salt in a medium pot and heat to the point of boiling finished medium-high warmth, blending every so often until the point when the sugar has broken down.

2Lower the warmth to an exposed stew and cook revealed, blending once in a while, until the point that the rice is delicate and the blend thickens, around 20 minutes.

3Remove from the warmth and mix in the vanilla or almond separate. Taste, including extra sugar or fixings as wanted.

Simple Rice Pudding
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