Cranberry Culprit Recipes

Fixings (6) 

1 ounce Cranberry and Citrus Sauce (or other cranberry sauce)

1 ounce whiskey, for example, Maker's Mark

1 ounce amaretto, for example, Disaronno almond alcohol, or make your own


2 ounces soda

Lime wedge

In the event that an Amaretto Sour is viewed as hazardous for the simplicity with which it's soaked up, consider this mixed drink genuinely imposing. Amaretto, Maker's Mark, and soda join to enhance excessively sweet sharp blend, and squashed up cranberry sauce is included for another bend scraps.

This formula was highlighted as a major aspect of our Thanksgiving Leftovers photograph exhibition.


1Combine cranberry sauce, whiskey, and amaretto in a mixed drink shaker and jumble until the point that a large portion of the cranberries and citrus are separated.

2Fill the shaker with ice, cover, and shake overwhelmingly. Empty the substance into a highball glass (don't strain), and best with soda. Press the lime wedge over best and serve.

Cranberry Culprit
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