24K Gimlet Recipes

Fixings (4) 

1/2 ounces Bombay Sapphire gin 

1 ounce as of late crushed lime juice 

1 ounce fundamental syrup 

4 to 5 cuts of cucumber 

2018 meant the principle experienced in 15 years that New York City energized the Grammys. To commend the event, Ocean Prime served up intriguing mixed drinks like this 24K Gimlet, awakened by record and assembling of the year cheerful—and champ—"24K Magic" by Bruno Mars. It's a totally marvelous gimlet with a pushed twist (which looks great, as 24K Magic is likewise another interpretation of an old-school style), ideal for tasting at whatever point. A sound estimation of cucumber cuts are obfuscated into the magnificent lime squeeze and direct syrup until the point that they extremely particular, so they join a super reviving, clean character to the sweet-seeing beverage. It's as smooth and satisfying as the tune it's named for, and they'll both effect you to need to move. 

If you're astonished, attempt our Cucumber Margarita condition as well, and in the event that you require a fitting nibble as a thought all things considered, get our Pineapple and Cucumber Guacamole formula. 


1Fill a stones glass with ice. 

2In a mixed drink shaker, consolidate the cucumber, new lime juice, and key syrup. 

3Add three ice 3D squares and scramble well until the point that the cucumber is isolated. 

4Add a subtle bunch of ice to the shaker to fill it midway. 

5Shake painstakingly and strain into glass.
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